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Pass the Jack

Natick, Massachusetts

It is said that on St. Patrick’s evening, 1874, an intoxicated man was walking alone. So inebriated was he, that he stumbled over the cliff. His remains were never found; only a bottle of whiskey was located at the site of the accident. It is said that on the evening of every St. Patrick’s Day, the man can be seen drinking a bottle of whiskey.

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lauren says:

January 24, 2006, 11:28 pm

I think thats so gay. its not even scary but if you think about it, it might be.

lauren says:

January 24, 2006, 11:30 pm

it is so gay that it wont show the word g-a-y on my other comment. this website is so stupid.

jen says:

February 17, 2006, 7:06 pm

Who runs this craptacular site? this entry is really stupid, it doesn’t even specify a location.

me says:

March 25, 2006, 8:04 pm

this is a cool story because i was there it was really scary

me says:

March 25, 2006, 8:05 pm

i watched him fall and i cryed for days but i didn’t tell any one

me says:

March 25, 2006, 8:06 pm

jk it was g-a-y i wasn’t there some peolpe really beleaved me god some people are so f-u-c-k-i-n-g bumb

hellooo says:

March 29, 2006, 2:58 pm

this is retarted, its st patties day.. some man is gunna be drinkin wiskey

Diane says:

April 2, 2006, 7:48 pm

If the area you are talking about in Natick is Eastleigh Rd. There are no cliffs in that area.

heather says:

September 10, 2006, 1:58 pm

i bet i could drink him under the table…..i’m irish, after all.

i LOVE plain white t's says:

November 29, 2006, 10:03 am

this story aint really scary. But it is funny!! hahahaha he fell off a freakin cliff wat a dumbass!!!they did a tv presentation a while back. they were doing a story or a report and the narrator says “kids dont try this at home” were the flip are the going to fall off a cliff in their freakin house. they would flippin go to the grand canyon or something like that!!

i LOVE plain white t's says:

November 29, 2006, 10:06 am

hey you the person name “me” the story says he was walking alone how could he be walking alone if u saw him fall off!! he wouldn’t have been walking alone. this site has some real sh***y storys but also has some good ones

Fearix says:

January 13, 2007, 10:13 pm

Dude… There aren’t any cliffs in Natick…

dan says:

March 16, 2007, 1:15 am

Yeah…I live in Natick. Where are the cliffs? And furthermore, how is this supposed to be scary?

marianne says:

October 19, 2007, 8:51 pm

what brand of whiskey was it? so i will know what not to drink.

manny says:

October 25, 2007, 12:31 pm

The “cliffs” are located near the Washington St. bridge area, and were a known drinking hangout back in the 70’s and 80’s. A few people have seen this old drunk guy with whiskey, and I’m one of them. I just don’t think he’s a ghost, although he doesn’t say anything and disappeared while walking the tracks.
It was around St. Pat’s day, but not right on it.

brain says:

December 11, 2007, 4:44 pm

If, let’s just say “if” some man was drunk, ok. then what if he did fall of a Cliff. ok but…if he was NEVER found then how is this a story if there is no history, or proof? every st.patties day a drunk man is seen?? hmm, wait it’s the drunk guy down the street from me. haha SOLVED

christine says:

March 2, 2008, 7:39 pm

Oh gee you sure know how to make an Irish person feel bad!!!!!!

Dissociate says:

October 1, 2008, 10:48 pm

Believe me or not, I don’t care, here is my story. In the early 1990s I was driving my company repair van down a road heading to a customer’s house with a fellow employee following behind me. Over on my right in the woods sitting on a small hill was a heavy set man who was drinkin from a bottle. He was looking at me and smiling and he waved to me and I waved back to him and he laughed when I did. I remember his clothing. He was wearing old type clothing and in my mind the whole incident seemed strange. When me and my fellow employee arrived at the customer’s house I said to my fellow in words something like “Did you see that guy in the woods drinking. There was something weird about him”. The employee laughed at me stating that he didn’t see anyone. When we went inside the house I was still sort of baffled over the incident and the woman customer noticed my behavior. Something in my mind told me that this incident was strange. The employee who was with me laughingly explains to the customer what I said to him and her response was shock. She then told us the story about this guy and that she herself had seem him once. My fellow employee thought we were both nuts, but we weren’t. This Irish guy is for real, believe me!

Robbie says:

October 13, 2008, 5:01 pm

I live in natick and i never heard about this before….im always near washington street and ive never seen anyone but the can man collecting bottles….this has to be bull****

Dissociate says:

October 13, 2008, 5:17 pm

What I stated isn’t Bull****, Robbie. I saw this guy, I did, I swear!

I theorize how this sighting could have possibly happened. There is now a new kind of science. This new science became an “acceptance theory” in the 1990s (yeah, the same decade I saw this guy) by scientists. This new accepted theory science has to do with Quantum science physics. This new science is “Parallel Units” or “Parallel Universes”. Google this new science or check out what the scientists say about it on YouTube.

Maureen Sullivan says:

August 30, 2009, 7:08 pm

I know a bit about Natick history (although this ghost story’s a new one on me).
At the time of the incident, 1874, the tracks were street level; there would be no “cliff” until the town depressed the tracks 30 feet. There was, however, an elevated walkway tall enough to clear the trains, so our Irish drunk could have met his demise this way.
Strange there’d be only one ghost. In 1888, two people were killed by a train at the North Main Street crossing, about 100 yards from Washington Street.

DJ says:

December 7, 2009, 2:33 am

hahaha this sites a joke you said you watched him die u said that in 2006 when supposebly this dude died in 1874 so your telling me your over 150 years old and you know what some people are in to this stuff like me so i dont really like being lied to

DJ says:

December 7, 2009, 2:40 am

ill tell you guys a real story there is a place in natick called south st me and 4 other of my friends went there back in the 1800s it was an orphanage/mental asylum they call it hells gates because there are 8 gates there but if you go through the 8th one far enough in everything looks the same and you will never be seen again i only went 100 ft in and me and 2 of my other friends were mad quiet and we looked to our right and there was a shadow of a little girl there with a ball in her hand and we swear we heard someone say you wanna play with me and we ran out and all the street lights went out and when you go on that st there is a nice white house with only one light on all the time and we went there at 3 am and next to the white house is a really creepy barn and if you go all the way up south st and look to your left theres this big wide open field acres long and thats said to be where the orphange and mental asylum burnt down in the 1800s so thats some real stuff you have any comments for me just leave me some

emma says:

October 27, 2010, 10:27 am

i personally do not see the point in cussing and saying whoever posted this is stupid and stuff, it’s his/her story and they have a right to share it…

heheitsmeek says:

August 18, 2011, 12:43 pm

Hey me,

Do according to you, you were there in 1874? Either you’re a ghost, a liar, a time traveler, or a superhuman (in an essence that is not usually described- being able to live for a realllly long time)

Jeff R. says:

August 22, 2012, 2:10 am

I used to drink on those tracks around 1974, 1975. We were over by the switch box. Me, Tommy Rogers and Barney Barnicle. Barney was the town drunk who hung out near Kentucky Package Store near the tracks. Barnicle is an old Natick Family. This old guy just appeared. Barney freaked and told us the story. The Old guy kind of gave us the head nod acknowledging he saw us and disappeared. I only saw him once. Barney lived on the tracks and said he spoke to the ghost before. Freddy, a guy I knew who worked at a Body Shop just down from Caseys Diner said in the early 1980s he was really doing bad and made a place to sleep in the rafters of the passenger stand behind Abes Kalusians Gas Station. One night late as he slept he heard someone walking below him. It was this old guy with his bottle. Freddy got nervous and stayed quiet cuz the dude had a greenish glow too him. In the blink of an eye the guy was gone but he could still hear him walking below. Freddy and his brother John worked for Bob Gallagher who owned B and B Auto Body( They got mad at me for putting a Home Sweet Home Sign up in the rafters) It was mean……But Funny! LOL!

Cat says:

September 18, 2015, 2:37 am

@Dj; please. I was there July 6th of 2012; I walked the entire field for what felt like a half an hour. I was intrigued because my now ex said it was a rumored asylum that was torn down…but here’s where I call BS on everyone. My friends and I are a paranormal group; emf, evp night vision cams and everything. NOTHING HAPPENED, we are still all alive and one of them is a skeptic and myself…I would know if I sensed something there. The only scary thing about it is the german neighbor who carried an AK47 and threatened to shoot people who went on his property to “run away” from the place. Tbh…this place was pretty lame and none of us could find these supposed gates either, we entered from a bird sanctuary area. Until I find proof this place existed…I won’t ever believe its haunted. Now if your looking for one of the 13 gates of Hell…look up Lichesters Spider Gates that’s some real messed up stuff

SD says:

April 21, 2016, 12:42 pm

Does anyone know where Hell’s Gates is? Been trying to find it for ages.

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