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Rio Grande Train Depot

Salt Lake City, Utah
By Lisa

Built in 1910 and in operation from 1910-1947, the Rio Grande Train Depot (which is now the home of the Utah State Historical Society) is known for a few hauntings and apparitions.

“The Purple Lady” tale, the most popular, is an account of a young woman killed by the train.  Legend has it that she was meeting her fiance at the train station before he left for war.  They got into a spat and the gentleman called the engagement off, and threw the engagement ring onto the train tracks.  The woman jumped onto the train tracks to retrieve it, and was struck by the train.

People have seen her around the cafe, near the north side of the depot. She is said to have black hair and is wearing a long, purple sequin dress.

Another ghost that looms about the depot is known as the “tunnel ghost.”  Apparently he was killed during construction of a tunnel between the depot and power plant nearby.


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