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Roberson Mansion

Binghamton, New York
By Shannon Reinbold-Gee

With its beautiful woodwork and stained glass windows, the Roberson Mansion in New Yorkâ??s Southern Tier has more than breathtaking architecture and a great sense of history. It seems to have ghosts.
Built in 1904, the Roberson Mansion in Binghamton, New York was constructed for Alonzo Roberson, Jr. and his family.

The site originally opened to the public in 1954. Since then, visitors to the Mansion have reported the sensation that they are not alone or that they are being watched. Strange noises and cold spots are reported as well as mysterious footsteps where no living person is seen walking. Doors reportedly slam when people are being too nosy, so stick with your tour guide! Perhaps most interestingly, some visitors have reportedly met Alonzo Jr. himself in the elevator.

Active in the community and a gifted businessman, Alonzo Jr. and Margaret were glad to give back to the local folks and organizations that supported their vision. When Alonzo Jr. died in 1934, in his will he left the mansion to the community for educational purposes (although it seems he didnâ??t specify exactly in what form that education might be). His wife died 20 years later in another of their Binghamton-area homes.

There seems nothing to be frightened of in the Roberson Mansion. People believe the ghostly presences they sense in Roberson Mansion are none other than Alonzo and his wife, Margaret, reliving a loving and beautiful time from the lives they shared together. Or perhaps this is part of the education that Alonzo wished forâ??giving visitors hope that there is an existence beyond simple death…
The Mansion is open to visitors Wednesday through Sunday except on major holidays and the first two weeks of January.

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Adam mosher says:

May 20, 2015, 3:46 pm

Creepy, but fake

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