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Shine Your Lantern Three Times

Anson, Texas

Local legend says that one December night more than a hundred years ago, a mother sent her son into the woods to retrieve a Christmas tree for the family. Reportedly, the mother told her son to flash his lantern three times if he got into any trouble. When the boy did not return, his mother searched for him until she herself died. Near the woman’s burial site, there is a crossroads. It is said that if one parks his car and flashes the headlights three times, a mysterious light will rise and traverse across the road. One will then hear a voice yelling, “Mommy they got me. I’m over here.” The light then turns red and flies toward the voice.

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Christina says:

October 16, 2011, 2:41 am

I live in a town 11 miles from Anson,and we are new to the area..We ar emilitary and just moved to Hawley..Well we heard about these lights,so myself and my two daughters who are 13 and 10,and 3 other military wives,all did this tonight..Took us a few mins to figure out the right road near the cemetery,but once we did,we drove down the road found the cross way and turned around..We parked and turned our car off,and there was a group of lights to the left,but we clearly new htey were the cemetaries lights..Then to the left of those there was a light which appeared to be in the middle of the road,it was white but on camera it was green.Then left to it was a very dim light that looked red on camera.then it turned white,and would go from bright to dim then gone..This happened at different times.Liek teh 1st tiem we seen it,it was only there for about 10 mins,then gone.We then had to leave do to another car..We came back and seen it again and this timeit was there for about 23 mins,and yet again another car,so we didnt get ot sit long enought with out being bothered..So i dont know what it was but there is somehting there,so im going to go back again one night in the middle of the week and not near
Halloween,so its not as busy and actually get out of the car and check this out further:)It was a great tiem and no matter if somehting is paranormal or not a old dirt road in the middle of feids with a cemetary will get your hair standing any ways:)

KPO_Grim says:

March 5, 2013, 5:21 am

I live in Abilene and have seen the Anson lights a few times. The last time I went I was with a group of 8 people. That was quite an experience. We went to the road as normal, to the normal spot and flashed the lights 3 times. The light did appear as normal. Well we were more curious this time so we split into 2 groups, one group of 4 staying at the cars the other 4 (including myself) walked toward the graveyard. As we got closer to the graveyard we could not see the lights anymore; however the group at the cars called us and said the light was getting brighter. That was weird in itself that we couldn’t see the light but it was even brighter than it has been before, when we’ve been there. While on the phone a woman was heard through the phone on the other end saying “HELP!”. That was shortly followed by her calling out again yelling “HELP! HELP! HELP!” This concerned the other group and concerned us because the group walking towards the graveyard was 4 men. After the group met up down at the graveyard we decided to explore a little more. After about 30 minutes I started to feel weird and went and sat in the car next to the graveyard. I was still watching everyone in the graveyard, and they were not alone. There was a woman in there with them that was wearing an old timey dress but had no legs but moved as if she was walking. As she got closer to the others she disappeared. At the same pace that she was moving before and after passing every one she reappeared. It was a obviously a spirit of some sort. It was a very weird experience. We ended up leaving the cemetery at about 1 in the morning. If you would like to be a disbeliever you are more than welcome to but I know what my experience was.

Every experience out there is different. Some of you I see have not experienced it. Others have seen the light go right over the cars driving off.

The Anson/Abilene/Ft Phantom area is quite “haunted”. Lots of people have died out in the area and there are many spirits still around.

Robert Newman says:

March 14, 2013, 11:48 pm

My sister showed me this place years ago. I didn’t know the cops had to patrol the area, I guess this was before everyone on the internet heard about it. Anyway, I don’t know about the story but I definitely saw the light and it was not a cars headlights or any modern looking light. By the way, if you go you have to turn around to park once you get down the road. If you do not turn around you will not see the light, you will be facing the opposite direction.

Christy says:

December 12, 2014, 5:40 pm

I’ve been, and i didn’t hear any voices but i did see the lights. then we went and parked on another supposedly haunted site in Anson, the railroad tracks where a bus full of students died… we sat on them and didnt think anything happened…that is until we arrived home and saw about 20 little kid hand prints all over the car… WORTH TRYING.

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