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St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Cheyenne, Wyoming
By Lisa

Dating back to 1868 for the construction of the main church, and then in 1869 for the grand bell tower, it was not until 1927 that the church was fully complete. During the 1869 beginning construction of the bell tower, two Swedish masons working on it mysterious disappeared.

The tower was finally started again and finished in 1927.  Masons reported hearing the sounds of hammering and muffled words through the stone walls, which halted the construction several times.  This prompted the masons to build the ghost (of which they were hearing) a room to itself.

It turns out, as the story goes, that in 1966 an old man confessed to the present rector of the church, that when he was younger he was hired along with another to work on the bell tower. The other mason slipped and fell to his death, the old man panicked and decided to stuff the body into an unfinished section of the wall, seal the body in and fled.

Today, the Bell Tower is supposedly haunted by two spirits, the mason buried in the wall and by Father Rafter, a former church rector.

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Carol says:

October 10, 2015, 7:23 pm

I was raised in Cheyenne and have heard the stories of this church my whole life. I have been in the church and it does feel spooky.

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