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Stage Coach Country Inn

Hot Sulfur Springs, Colorado

This Bed and Breakfast is reported to have many phantoms, both adult and adolescent. Objects in rooms throughout the inn move from place to place before one’s very eyes. Many have complained of hearing heavy footsteps during the middle of the night. Some of the ghost are even known to suck all the heat from a room. The ghosts have even been known to leave bruises on those whom they attack.

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angela says:

May 11, 2011, 1:32 am

Well I have never been there but will some day, I feel that haunting’s can come from ones mind it can seem real even feel real but is it really? You hear so many different stories that can cause illusions to ones mind. To say you were raped and post it that’s mostly getting attention to the public its sad. I do how ever feel that we have spirits that live on and ones that stay behind its of others past that’s just playing on like a tape that’s stuck. When there are hauntings it could be that we have stepped on their ground and that could be why we get the sightings and we are just making them angry. I feel that if you stumble unto a place that is haunted is to leave it alone.

nirvan says:

May 12, 2011, 9:58 am

forgive me max and stephanie, but i disagree with both of you , in my opinion ghost are the spirits of the dead which they still have some problem in the world and there for cannot pass on to heaven, and there is no devil in my opinion too neither demons, i think devils and demons are discripted to be the sound in your head that persuades you to to bad things but ghosts are spirits that are stuck due to their problems that they have left behind before they died, more like an unfinished business.

kylie says:

May 15, 2011, 12:56 am

this sounds like an amazing experience. Ghosts amaze me easily and sometimes scare me. I love hearing about other peoples ghost stories. In my opinion, ghosts are haunting houses or anything else for a reason not just for the enjoyment. This inn probably has history and that explains the hauntings. I would like to help these ghosts and hear their stories but they seem to not want help if they’re violent like this.

Momo says:

June 24, 2011, 9:26 pm

Well, I’ve never had really a paranormal experience. Actually the house I’ve been living in, I’ve live in for 15 or so years… But I do feel a few things sometimes earlier in my childhood… It may explain why when I was younger that I could never sleep alone. I would always run to my parents bed in the end. At the time my mother collected and still does, porcelain dolls. So the feeling of being watched was always ever apparent. Well needless to say that fear has gotten better. You see my parents like to travel and bring back statues of deities from other countries. So slowly things began to balance out. I don’t know if it was really paranormal fear. But to a child…it felt real. Even today when you live in this house. If you’re alone. It’s scary.

Just an after note it’s an old house with a basement that isn’t refurbished. In a terribly secluded neighborhood where there are really only trees…

T dog says:

October 19, 2012, 11:16 pm

OMG I am now writin a book about the most haunted houses in my state Colorado and im gonna write about this site as well as the lady bridge becuase ive heard if your drivin over there once and a while peoples handprints will go on the car as a warnin that if you keep on goln you will crash!!!!!!!

aaron says:

June 9, 2013, 7:00 pm

Stephanie, I do believe that demons and ghosts are very different things. I also personally do not believe in heaven or hell, I believe in reincarnation. I’m not saying your opinion is wrong and mine is right, because neither are wrong or right. But please express what you are saying as an opinion because it sounded more like you were trying to force people into believing what you are saying. I personally have never been to america, but I would love to just to witness some of the suposed haunted houses like this one. Aaron, england

JP Harris says:

July 19, 2014, 11:44 pm

I have recently spent two weeks at this place. Many of the websites show the incorrect place. Also, many talk about ghosts in closets. FYI – I have been in every room of the Inn and NONE of the rooms have closets. It was built before closets became fixtures in bedrooms. Also, I was up late and early, I slept in different rooms on different sides, and so did my friends. None of us had any issues – on this trip or any trips in the past. The owners are very lovely people. There is nothing wrong with this place.

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