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The Chase Home for Children

Portsmouth, New Hampshire
By Lisa

Built in the 1800s as an orphanage for children, it is a court-appointed residential home for children today.

A female spirit has been seen in the hallways on numerous occasions running away and then quickly disappearing.  Legend states that she hung herself several years ago in the hallway.  Other strange happenings at this home include sounds of a young girl’s screams, locked doors opened, lights and ceiling fans shutting off and more.

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Frank Frank says:

October 1, 2014, 7:08 pm

I dont want to say who I am. I worked there. The place was haunted. I worked all over that place. Its getting to be a secret because they are afraid people will not come to live in the home if the secret gets out. They need kids to agree to live there. But, the truth is, its crawling with spirits, and sounds, and apparitions. Staff are scared at times to go into some rooms. Locks switch and lights flash on their own. This is common knowledge to those who are there. Everyone knows. While I was working there, I saw a book rise off a table, stand in mid air, and drop to the ground. After I gulped down this reality, I looked at the name of the book…it was called..”Unholy Magic”. On the front cover was written the words, “A child lost” in red magic marker. As you can guess…I do not work there any longer. There were so many things I witnessed. No one will admit these things happen. Keys that always fit a certain lock will no longer work. Once you DO get in, all the furniture is moved. I had to pry locks open with a credit card, only to find things missing. BEWARE MY FRIENDS. This one is for real!

lil juicymomma says:

October 20, 2017, 12:47 pm

i heard random water running like it was coming from a shower or something it really scared me and i pooped myself

Student says:

February 16, 2018, 9:15 am

Hello, I am a student hoping to do a podcast on hauntings at this place. I am required to get an interview from someone who knows about the goings on and can possibly tell as story or two about the things that occur here. Unfortunately I do not know anyone who works at this place and cannot therefore get an interview from them. If anyone would be willing to give me a little insite as to where I can locate reports of these goings on or offer up an interview I would highly appreciate it. Thank you very much.

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