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The Gettysburg College Library

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Once, two highly acclaimed administrators ventured into the basement of the library. While there, they saw a doctor in clothes reminiscent of clothes worn in the Civil War, who asked them to come and help. Also during this brief moment of horror, the witnesses claim to have heard the screams of patients and the sight of blood as well. The two witnesses quit their jobs the following day, never to return. It turns out that this place was the site of a field hospital during the Civil War after the Battle of Gettysburg.

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Stephanie says:

February 11, 2010, 2:02 pm

I have been to Gettysburg before and i saw the stagecoach ghost and i got a photo of an apparittion in a graveyard there.

kathleen woolley says:

August 5, 2010, 3:21 pm

it wasn’t the library it was the administration building called Penn Hall.

Penn Hall was the field hospital during the 3 day battle in Gettysburg.

Tyler says:

August 16, 2010, 11:52 pm

Most people dont realize that there is such a thing as ghosts. Mos of the time they are there and we just dont realize it. I’m going to ask a few random questions and answer them to yourself and think about your answers. Have you ever gotten a chill on your neck in a room that was warm? Have you ever been alone but just had that feeling you have company? I see alot of machary videos on youtube. some are scary yes but its the poor lighting that makes you scared not the image itself. If you have a digital camera just take about 10 or 15 random photos of your house while its pitch black with the flash on, look for little circles on everything in the pictures. I have dozens of photos of orb form ghosts that live in my house. they are posted on my facebook. i have videos of them crossing the rooms. They drained the batteries in several flashlights. my telavision will turn off while i’m sleeping, I never turn it off unless i’m not home. still think there a imagined thing people get stuck in their heads? keep thinking about it next time your watching TAPS or something like that. i can garentee TAPS misses alot of them. It scares me to talk about it, to think about it, yet I still have to discover them. look at the Amityville Horror house, didnt it ever cross your mind why its always for sale? Thats rite 1.15 million rite now is what they have it on the market for, why? That house is so full of evil they should burn it down and be done with it. I wont go to cemetaries without taking a camera and a flashlight, any building without power I have to take my camera and its always videoing. Someone asked me how a building gets haunted in the first place? The guettysburg battle field is an open grassy medow yet there have been more sittings there than in the local gift shops. No shop is open after dark, why? You think the people dont know whats there? They now, they just dont fear enough to stay away. some ghosts wont hurt humans, others are thirsty for our blood and our bodies so they can live agian. now do you still believe its a mythe? As true as the words in this message I have seen more than I care to explain. were I live its a nightmare at nite. i can hear children screaming in the streets at 2 am. This is as much as I care to write, im getting chily and I dont like the feeling I’m getting. If you have any questions or need to talk e-mail me at…..Bye!

Keshav Gurung says:

October 30, 2015, 4:53 am

The ghosts would not hang around for more than four score and seven years

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