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The Hammock House

Beaufort, North Carolina

This house is said to have been owned by Black Beard the Pirate. Once, Black Beard saw one of his crew members dancing with his girlfriend and consequently beheaded the man on the stairs. It is said that now, more than two hundred years later, blood stains eventually become visible again though the stairs have been sanded, painted, and carpeted.

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Brandi says:

June 12, 2011, 1:23 am

I live in NC and go to Beaufort every October for a month of vacation with my family. Black Beard is real (Edward Teach) He had a house here and in Bath NC. My family and I did one of the Ghost walks for fun at night and we actually got some really great pictures that actually show a man and a womans face in the windows of the house. They have also found his ship wrecked off of our coast. It is a very interesting place to visit. You may or may not see anything but nobody has to be rude to anybody over this. Respect everyone’s thoughts.

Heather says:

November 10, 2014, 11:27 pm

Okay, I’m not even gonna start on the drama some of these people are trying to create for their own entertainment but I will say that yes, Blackbeard was a real person just as all these fine people have said. My grandfather lived in Havelock, NC for a looooong time and every year that we went to visit him we made sure to spend at least one day walking around in Beaufort. It is a beautiful town! I also went on a ghost walk with my husband and my brother one of the times that we had visited. While I didn’t experience any kind of strange or paranormal activity around the Hammock House, I did hear many stories. The only personal experience that we had was actually standing beside the big fence outside of the old cemetery where the little girl was buried and supposedly haunts. We were standing directly in front of her grave on the outside of the fence and the tour guide was telling her story. The guy standing directly in front of us jumped very suddenly and turned to me with a crazy look in his eyes and said “Excuse me!” I was completely confused as to what had happened, obviously. He lifted his shirt and on his back, and I saw this with my own eyes, 3 long and painful looking scratches appeared from nothing down his back. His back was literally clear and untouched and as WE ALL watched, these dark scratches appeared, raised up and the skin was broken and actually bled a little. Needless to say, he thought that I had scratched the living daylights out of him for no reason. I’m still not sure if he believed that it wasn’t me. I do love Beaufort, it’s a beautiful and warm and friendly place! I can’t wait to go back!

lateeda says:

November 17, 2014, 9:22 am

You do realize blackbeard was definitely not a legend. He was quite real. I don’t know about this ghost stuff, but blackbeard was very much real. Look into Bath, NC. That’s where he was born

Jeanette says:

August 28, 2016, 10:11 am

Hi all…………I have the gift of the 6th sense………so I am atuned to some things that others aren’t….I’ve been to Beaufort twice and love it…and I’ve seen one ghost and felt another on the ghost tour. Two years ago the guide stopped us at the old abandoned home owned by the 2 brothers who can’t decide what to do with it…he was telling about the man who fell off the roof to his death and how the neighbors still hear hammering and I happened to look straight up into the clear night sky and there was the ghost – a milky whispy form silently floating over our heads and onto the roof – I didn’t say anything because it would have been on the roof by the time anyone else looked up so I kept it to myself……..Two weeks ago I was in Beaufort again, went on the ghost tour – The woman story teller was horrible and ought to be fired lol! But on the way to the same old house (I was at the back of the group) I slowed down because there was someone behind me and I figured they probably wanted to catch up with the rest of their party so I turned around and saw nothing but there was definitely someone trailing our group. I LOVE BEAUFORT (:

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