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Real Haunted House

The North Shore

Oahu, Hawaii

This house, on the north shore, is haunted. The woman that once lived here became so angry with her infant child that she killed him and buried him beneath the house. During the wee hours of the morning, a baby may be heard crying throughout the house; no one has yet found the source of the noise.

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karen says:

September 12, 2008, 11:50 am

this is quit appling.i have heard many stories and whitch i believe.

Lolita says:

September 24, 2008, 3:36 am

I read so many comments that I forgot what the story’s about! Can someone refresh my memory?

kehau says:

November 13, 2008, 10:28 pm

wow… any who puts down hawaii should shut up. i have lived in the mainland and now im living back in nanakuli. being in the military i have to say hawaii is way more different than any other place on the mainland. hawaii is filled with love. the mainland is full of hatefulness and i know through experience. like alot of people said this site is about the paranormal, but there will always be one idiot who decides to say something stupid and all h*** breaks loose.

PanLin01 says:

June 10, 2009, 4:43 pm

I know that I’m only Chinese Caucasian (and am horrible at speaking pidgin lol) I’ve lived here all my life and I plan on staying here all my life as well. Why can’t we meet all kinds of people from different places? I mean, I’ve never left the island so when I meet someone new and they tell me where they’re from it’s really cool cause I learned something new. And of coarse I tell them about the islands and what I know so that when they go back home they can tell their family about the experiences that they had.

LEiALOHA_1220 says:

June 16, 2009, 5:59 am


“June 22, 2006, 4:36 pm
hawaii i cant believe that kind of things happen there maybe out here in the mainland but not out there in hawaii our natives are not that sick enough to do **** like . melissa”

KC says:

July 26, 2009, 11:56 am

thats really freaky gosh

Kane says:

August 14, 2009, 5:28 pm

I lived in California but i heard of same stories like this one just that the mother didn’t killed the baby but because we lived on top of the cemetery sometimes when my brother and me we were little we use to hear baby cry although we thought it would be the neighbor baby but the next door neighbor say they hear it too and my grandparents use to tell stories that when you hear a baby cry it mean the baby is following you and the only way to escape is to lied to the ghost baby that he/she need to stay put while you got get some milk for him/her but then all you do is ran as fast you ever could(i didn’t mean run a straight line) to anywhere and not just straight home because it will follow you home and you don’t want that.
Hi everybody idk if the story is true but my brother and me did hear a baby voice back then.

Deidra Liufau says:

October 18, 2009, 8:16 pm

Where is the house at on the North Shore?

Kickerbacker says:

January 3, 2010, 12:20 am

We are all humans. We all are were and is. Not all is stupid and not all are smart. I’m 49 and love all sides. We all have something to give one another on all sides. We are all the same all over the world. We are all fighting the same fight. We own nothing but is just trying to survive the best way we know how. I’m hawaiian 9th grade drop out been on welfare all my life. I took care of more teenagers of all races and we all respected each other and we all cried the same issues it didnt matter hawaiian haoles japanese korens the problem is our goverment they got us looking at each other hating so there’s no communcation while they steal everything in between. So stop hating people we all have something to offer God made us that way. Do what the people before me said education is what we all need cause if we did it we would be trying to prove ourselfs on this page. So for the sake of the kids through out the WORLD let’s be good role models from now on. They need you all…

maks808 says:

February 9, 2010, 5:34 am

Wow thanks a lot sarina it took you one comment to set off a racial war anyway I’m 50% Hawaiian and I live on “The Big Island” and the things being said on this site are pretty appalling and I’m surprised you people can comment in such a racist manner nowadays I had kinda hoped that that kind of stuff was over already. I was amazed at the things that came out of both side especially from the mainland side they were incredibly offensive to many cultures especially from(Ijustfarted, bob, whiteguy,nevergoingback, etc etc) I mean really your comments are so vicious and unnecessary it’s astonishing you can say things like this your just down right not good people you complain about us calling you ignorant but you say something ignorant right after. Hawaiian’s try to keep your composure here and hold back on our comments ourselves because we are not totally free of blame here because a select few of us have just contributed to the negativity here but scrolling through the comments I didn’t find a single comment from the local side nearly as vicious as the disgusting statements put forth by the mainland side. If you are not one of those to convey these awful things I’d like to apologize on behalf of the human race. But just as a parting note Hawaii is great and I’m sure the mainlands great to I intend on seeing it when I leave for college so let’s just call it a truce but of-course no one is gonna listen to a single word of this well thought out comment of mine (sorry for it being so long I like to write and I was bored and I happened across a topic I believe in I’d also like to apologize for the low quality in the vocab and organization of this comment I was rushed and kept thinking of new things to add on to it, and finally I’d like to appologize for rambling on so much in my parentheses).

amber says:

February 26, 2010, 6:54 am

I lived at Pounders beach for a few months. To access the beach,there was a path leading through my backyard, out to the beach. I always felt the “presence” of a small child running around me, when i would walk to the beach. I would always tell my husband about what I felt, and just recently, discovered that in fact, there is a story of a mother who lost her child in the ocean, and that sometimes you can hear the childs footsteps, or the child crying. I do believe in spirits, and I know i definitly felt the presence of a small child around me, when walking to the beach..

pineapple says:

March 15, 2010, 5:45 pm

Will you please tell me where I might find some real paranormal info in Hawaii What I am reading is not telling me anything..

pineapple says:

March 15, 2010, 5:49 pm

thank you amber thats what i am talking about

BABY_GIRL_808 says:

August 8, 2010, 1:35 am

Don’t be dissin hawaii and your DA TWAT!

tee says:

August 19, 2010, 8:51 pm

shoot i use to live in hawaii and that right there is so creepy… i never heard of this one while i was there…so weird and gross!!

Linda Kalopodes says:

September 2, 2010, 4:25 pm

They should have a Hawaiian Kahuna bless the house and grounds and help the baby to cross over. It is sad that tragedies like this happen.

Gabryella says:

October 9, 2010, 11:44 am

My best frinds i have known for 4 years never lise i know i have two storys to tell you one night my frind was in his bed room and he saw blood on his door and his door slamed shut than the next day he whent to the bath room and the lights wher turnd off he said blody mary 3 times he whated…….he saw hes standing righ in front of him so she talked and he screamed and ran out. by !

Chris says:

October 21, 2010, 10:57 pm

I heard a stories long ago when my cousins and me use to surf Waimea Shore Break and Banzai Pipeline. Now I know the stories are true. Keep it real . Peace out and big Aloha to my ohana my friends back home on he rock.

fiNA.f.bAbY says:

December 16, 2010, 4:25 pm

all yall are imature!! stop being like 2nd graders fighting over a box of cookies and get over it!! theres alot of more crimes in the world like: RAPE,ROBBERY,CHILD ABUSE,DRUG ABUSE,MOLESTED,HOMICIDE, & most importantly children around the world forced to be in their countries army…so please just state your opinion and breath a little PLEASE!!

Just wandering says:

October 22, 2011, 4:51 pm

I come to this site to find haunted house on the island I live and what I find LOL…….People arguing about mainland and what they think about Hawaii anyway I’d like to where this house is on the north shore

debbie says:

October 25, 2011, 10:53 am

We lived sunset beach in the 70’s off of kam high way, one house we lived in was haunted when we lived there a brother killed his brothers, i’m trying to find out more about what happened, we ended up having to move back to our 1st house because of the ghost were mean.

Haole pride says:

February 24, 2012, 8:19 pm

I’m so glad Hawaii isn’t a REAL state. Bunch of big ignorant 500lb jacked-diesel mokes. And the guys are big too! Freaking grass-hut dwelling dirt farmers. Honolulu isn’t even a real city, still in the stone age! And I am from Hawaii, I’m from pearlridge. This place is a frigging dump. YOUR AINA IS TRASHED!

zoe says:

April 30, 2012, 2:41 am

This comment is for pua to read if u could can u email me at is haiwaii nice cause im going there plz email me in responce.

zoe says:

April 30, 2012, 2:44 am

what the **** Haole pride hawaii is a state of the us just ask your friends dumbass

cassie says:

July 26, 2012, 7:11 am

just so u know i live here in hawaii and guess what? im from the mainland and i love hawaii. only thing that stinks is being called racial slurs like haole. heres an idea, check out your own history and realize that it was originally England that began the monarch overthrow not “white mainlanders”. Whats sad is that **** is over 100 years old and you still hold a grudge. How would you like it if us white people treated every single one of you hawaiians the same? guarantee you that some white people act stupid, might treat you like ****, and you might feel like we took your land. But I can atleast speak for myself when I say that I treat everyone individually and knowing that not every one of you is a meth smoking, gang banging, racial, and ghetto. And I will never critisize you for being of the same descent. Just try, for your own peace, to not be so racist. And Pua, are you kidding me.. we definitely have the same government. and whether you like it or not please look at the main income of your island and imports and exports AND where they come from. Let me know how far locals will get with out that. Consider the things that you put into your body and homes and i can promise you that a nice little haole helped put it there. Im not asking for appreciation but dont treat us ALL like the same and you can expect the same respect in return. Grow up and for your own good as well as the next generation that your teaching to hate us, avoid being so close minded and less racist.

Cassie says:

July 26, 2012, 7:15 am

@Haole Pride. Thats pretty embarrassing bro. Get your **** straight before you put all that out there. Im with ya and all with the anti-racism on our parts but Hawaii is definitely a real state and honolulu is definitely a city..

Jim slitter says:

April 7, 2014, 9:56 pmâ?? Here you got a real Haunted house in sweden videos!

Elizabeth says:

March 4, 2017, 4:18 pm

I have been wanting to travel here my whole life. I really wanted to check out some haunted areas. After reading how you all feel about “mainlanders”, I don’t want to go. I always thought the culture and land was beautiful. I was planning on saying for a month and trying to see all I could as I rarely get to travel.
It makes me incredibly sad because I have been planning this for a long time. But now I realize I would be just another Haole, and from the sound of it a lot of you think are ignorant pieces of trash. Came for my paranormal interests, got my dreams and obviously my outlook about Hawaii smashed. I wish people wouldn’t be so quick to judge each other. I know not everyone in Hawaii feels this way about “mainlanders” but the harsh criticism is enough to make me want to avoid it. Although I can’t imagine any Kama‘?ina feeling this way what ever happened to aloha. I guess that Huna principle washed out somewhere down the line.

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