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The Stanley Hotel

Estes Park, Colorado
By Lisa

This hotel is a hotspot for paranormal activity and mostly known from the moving “The Shining.”

Sightings here include a boy who shows up in room 1211, a young man who hangs out in closets and bedrooms.  Also, Mr. Stanley, the hotel’s owner, appears to visitors in the lobby and billiards room while his wife Flora plays the piano.

Open for ghost tours, accommodations and dining.

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Sammie Pope says:

May 4, 2016, 4:03 pm

Two years ago my dad and step mom told me we were going to the Stanley Hotel. I was VERY excited. As soon as you walk into the Hotel you can feel something there. During the night if you have a flash camera and you go to the main staircase and take multiple different pictures at different angles, you will catch something. I went on a few of the Ghost Tours as well. You learn a lot about the hotel. There is a little boy who loves candy. During the middle of the night, if you go out into the hallway and put M&M’s in your hand and hold your hand open (Don’t have a light) soon enough the little boy will move the candy. It’s very interesting. I suggest you go there for yourself!

Bruce Miller says:

March 1, 2017, 1:31 pm

I went to the Stanley Hotel lest year and stood out in the hallway at night holding out my hands with M&M’s waiting to see if they would move. I suddenly felt a cool breeze in my presence. Nothing happened to my M&M but before I knew it someone pulled my pants down. I then dropped my M&M’s in shock. I pulled up my pants and ran into my room. When I summoned my courage and went back in the hall the M&M’s were gone. I then felt some pulling at my pants so I went back into my room. Very scary.

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