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Random Haunted Houses

Phantom Hitchhiker

Columbia, South Carolina, United States

On US 76, it is said that an old, ghostly hitchhiker appears at the entrance of the bridge-usually on rainy or foggy nights. The lady, who appears to be in distress, is usually offered help by most. The apparition, who is said to be extremely lifelike, gets into the back seat and tells the driver she is en route to Columbia to visit her mother. Giving them an address on Pickens Street, she continues to converse with the driver before becoming silent. By that time, the car is across the river, the woman has disappeared. It is said that in the 1940s, a woman was killed in the spot that is now the beginning of the bridge, while trying to get to Columbia to see her mother.

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Stepp Cemetery

Benton, Indiana, United States

One of Indiana’s famously haunted cemeteries, Stepp Cemetery has only about two dozen grave markers remaining, which are quite crumbled.  There are several legends consuming this cemetery.  One, that it was founded by a cult who sacrificed small animals and participated in orgies. Another is the story of a mourning mother who’s child died and was buried there.  Lore has it that she went to the grave site and dug up her child’s corpse, then took her own life.

Many people who visit the cemetery today claim to have seen the ghost of a woman in black, weeping over her child’s grave, located near an old rotting tree stump.


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Bell Witch Cave

Adams, Tennessee, United States

Local legends say that the Bell Witch has haunted the area surrounding the caves for hundreds of years. It is said that the witch appears to people in the human form. There are many unexplainable pictures of shadows and other such entities in the cave. Upon entering the cave, it is alleged that one will be overcome by the feeling of being watched. It is further asserted that if one is to take a rock from the cave, they shall be forever be cursed. Many others have also reported voices in restricted areas of the cave that cannot be reached by any human.

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Saint Mary’s College: Heffron Hall

Minnesota, United States, Winona

Two priests were once feuding over who would be the head of the local church, and one of the men ended up being killed by the other in one of the halls on campus. There have been many reports from students that moaning is heard in this hall from the deceased priest, and one side of the hall is cold while the other is hot, when there is no heating and air conditioning in the building. Another report came from a girl who claimed that while brushing her teeth, blood came out of the faucet in place of water. Yet one more story tells of footsteps being heard leading to the bathroom, and when the chaser caught up with the footsteps in the bathroom, he was shocked to see blood appear in the toilet.

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Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

Concord, New Hampshire, United States

Though it was once the Concord police department, the building was renovated and tables now sit in what used to be jail cells. There have been reports of a ghost that has been affectionately named George. It is said that George moves people’s chairs, drinks their beverages, and even throws food.

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The Buxton Inn

Granville, Ohio, United States

The Buxton Inn, located in a small Ohio town, is said to be home to the stateâ??s â??friendliestâ? haunts. Only a few ghosts reside here, each with their own personality and history.

In 1812, the Buxton Inn was built by Orrin Granger, who had decided to move west with his family. The building was first used as a stagecoach stop and post office, where food was cooked over a fireplace and drivers slept on straw pallets. Nevertheless, Granger was successful, and the establishment turned into a full-blown inn in a few yearsâ?? time. In fact, famous Buxton Inn guests include Abraham Lincoln, Charles Dickens, and William McKinley.

However, Granger passed away six years later. Although ownership changed many times after that, his spirit is said to still remain. The first person to discover this was Fred Sweet, the young son of a later innkeeper. Legend says he was walking downstairs during the night, in search of a snack. When he arrived at the kitchen, Fred found someone had beaten him to the last piece of pie. The ghostly figure finished, and then politely introduced himself as Orrin Granger, the Innâ??s original owner. The two sat down at the table together, and Fred spent the night listening to stories and information about the early stagecoach stop days of the Inn. When Granger seemed to be tired of talking, he simply congratulated Fred on the innâ??s upkeep and maintenance, and then faded away with a smile.

Not surprisingly, many of the ghosts inhabiting the Buxton Inn happen to be former owners. In fact, Granger (described as an elderly gentleman wearing blue breeches) is said to have been seen sneaking pie from the kitchen more than once. Major Buxton, the second owner, is a shadowy figure who spends most of his time just sitting in the dining room. Guests seem only to recognize him because of his giant portrait hanging in the hall. One of the more colorful personalities haunting the Buxton Inn is named Ethel â??Bonnieâ? Bounell. She was a very talented singer and actress throughout most of her life, but was known mostly for her obsession with the color blue. She successfully ran the inn for about twenty-six years, while always wearing an elegant blue dress and sweet-smelling perfume. Bonnie apparently carried this trademark into the afterlife; customers, staff, and even psychics have reported catching glimpses of the â??Lady In Blueâ?.

There are also eerie footsteps, doors and windows unexplainably opening, and whispering heard in the shadows. But perhaps the most interesting bit of paranormal activity is the phantom gray cat, featured on the Innâ??s sign outside. Nobody is sure who the cat had belonged to, or even when it had died. He seems to be content wandering through the halls, resting in the rooms, or even playfully prancing around the Innâ??s guests. Most guests seem unbothered, or even amused. But some are genuinely creeped outâ?¦possibly because they claim to have heard a soft purring in their ears or noticing that the catâ??s head had appeared in their photos.


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