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Random Haunted Houses

Small White House

Arkansas, Driggs Community, United States

This house is haunted by a very unhappy alcoholic. Strange noises coming from the wall and large pieces of furniture move across the room. On one occasion an elderly woman was attacked by the air as she was walking to the bathroom; she gained several bruises but sustained no major injuries.

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Dunes State Park

Gary, Indiana, United States

Diana, an eccentric artist who once lived in a shack near Lake Michigan, was brutally murdered by her husband Paul Wilson. The Dunes are haunted by her ghost.

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The Falcon Apartments

Oregon, Portland, United States

Two ghosts have appeared frequently in this building’s hallway, near the mailboxes and the manager’s apartment. The ghosts are reported to be two former residents of the apartments: Mr. Cooke, who always watched over and repaired the mailboxes. The other was Jimmy, who always had a fear of dying alone. Mr. Cooke died in 1989, and appears to have never left. He has been spotted where his chair once stood, and walking down the hallway. In 1994, the building was devastated by a series of fires. The first fire left a circular burn spot on the very location that Mr. Cooke used to sit on during his mortal life. Jimmy kept to himself during his years at the apartment complex, and would talk to various other tenants as they passed by. Contrary to his wish of having someone to watch him, he died alone. He is often seen sitting where his chair once was. Various ghostly happenings have occurred on the premises such as knockings on the doors, slamming of locked mailboxes, and many others in apartment 101, which some say can be attributed to a third ghost. The ghosts of Mr. Cooke and Jimmy have never been seen together.

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Crybaby Bridge

Ohio, Sidney, United States

It is said that a woman and her baby once fell from this bridge and drowned in the water below. Passersby may now hear the sounds of a baby crying every night at midnight.

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Left in the Hallway

Alhambra, California, United States

This house is said to have been built around the turn of the century by an elderly man with many children. When the man died in the 1940’s of old age, he left his spirit behind in the home. The apparition drags people out of their beds during the night, leaving them in the hallway. The man also has an affinity for doors-every door in the house that is left open is always found closed again.

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Derry County, Ireland

One night, a funeral carriage was seen passing in the sky by many onlookers; it was later realized that a Celtic family had died. As there are no mountains in the area, the carriage was definitely flying through the sky.

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