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Random Haunted Houses

The White Eagle Cafe

Oregon, Portland, United States

This former brothel, hotel, and boarding house has many mysterious legends in its history. In one instance, it is alleged that a waitress was going to the basement and felt someone push her-twice. Falling down the stairs, she got the attention of the bartender and bouncer. When the two reached the bottom of the stairs, they discovered a mop and bucket had been thrown down after then. In another, one of the former owners reported hearing someone upstairs crying. When he went upstairs to see what was going on, the crying was so strong, the hairs on his back were raised. The man ran across the street and saw a glowing figure in the window from whence the crying came. No one has been near that room in thirteen years. Presently, there are reports of flushing toilets, whispering voices, moving furniture, and loose change with mint dates over forty years old.

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Gap Road

Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States

During the Tulsa Race Riots, many African Americans were hanged here. It is said that if one takes his car to this road and put its in neutral, it will climb the hill. It is said that the people hanged during the riots are the force pushing the car.

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Leslie Castle

Ireland, Limerick County

There have been many different strange occurrences in this castle including: bells ringing without aid, mysterious gray figures walking about, orange bits thrown in kitchen without aid, and the food mixer being turned on when it was not plugged in. In the “Red Room” three different couples have seen not only a dim light, but the figure of a man. The man is said to be that of a member of the Leslie family who died in 1914. The ghost is said to shuffle paper and tell couples to “shhh.”

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The Alamo

San Antonio, Texas, United States

The defenders of this famous fort are said to roam the grounds frequently.

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Gadsby’s Tavern

Alexandria, United States, Virginia

One day, two hundred years ago, a man brought a young woman to stay with him at the tavern. She was ill, and he hired a doctor in an attempt to save her, but he asked no one know her name; shortly thereafter, the nameless woman died. After the woman died, the man left enough money for her medical bills and burial and then disappeared. One can still visit the nameless grave in the heart of the town. The staff at Gadsby’s and certain visitors have reported seeing a candle in the upstairs room where the woman died as well as ghosts. Others have reported hearing footsteps and a woman’s cry.

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