Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted House

Wiccan Circle

Kalamazoo, Michigan

This house is said to be very haunted. A total of eight people have died in one way or another in the house and they are all thought to still reside there. It is said that one may experience faucets turning on and off, coasters flipping over, and footsteps throughout the house. There have also been reports of the appearance of a glowing cross. Others have alleged to be held to the bed and shoved down the stairs. Beneath the carpet in the basement, there is reportedly a Wiccan circle carved into the wood.

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Scotty Bud Melvin says:

March 16, 2010, 9:28 am

Jasper, please contact me when you get a minute concerning your story about the Fairview house. Thanks. Scotty Bud Melvin, WZUU FM Radio, Kalamazoo, MI

NlGHTgirl says:

April 14, 2010, 10:25 pm

Basements are made out of cement or rock, not wood. I have lived in in the Vine neighborhood by WMU for four years.I only see College students who “haunt” the student ghetto. That’s OK. I can not handle real spirits…. Too creepy. … Please, stop frightening me, I’m thinking of buying a historic house here…

Witch says:

April 22, 2010, 10:48 am

The wiccan circle doesn’t have a damn thing to do with hauntings!!
Real wiccans follow the law of “Do as you will as long as you harm noone” so hauntings would not be wiccan related!!

David says:

June 1, 2010, 1:53 am

Ok, you Wiccans claim that you do not believe in demons or devils and yet one of you seemed to contradict that statement earlier in the fact that she stated that the energies in the wiccan house were probably negative due to the fact that the wiccan symbol was used most likely in devil worship or satanism. If this so called “negative energy”, which obviously is more than just displaced energy if it has a reasoning of its own, isn’t demons then what would you call it? If it can actually reach out and physically touch you as in push or shove you, physically hold someone down on thier bed, flip coasters or move objects then it obviously has a mode of thinking and is more than just a residual haunting. A residual haunting is just an impression left behind on a place which can do no harm to an individual. It is like a house with a memory of events that happened within replaying themselves. If, as you state, that you cannot have good without evil, how can you repectfully think that evil cannot come thru in your practice however unintentional it may be or that you can control the evil that may come through accidentally while practicing Wicca. If, as you gave the impression, Wicca can be used in dark magic or taken to a dark place, how can you be so certain that this is not the cause of the haunting. Nobody wants to believe that thier religion can do harm but the truth is that there is good and bad in all religions. Is this haunting a direct result of rituals being performed in the basement of the house or from someone practicing the religion Wicca in the house? I can’t say that it is without a doubt but you can’t say that it isn’t either and i don’t care how long you’ve been practicing Wicca. If you believe that thier are entities of good or gods you pray to in your religion then you have to believe that thier are entities that are inherently evil by the rules of your own belief. Doesn’t matter what you call them, demon, devil, entity or “negative energy”. Do i believe Wicca is an evil practice? NO I don’t but i do believe that it can be taken to a dark place by people with evil in thier hearts and release forces and energies that can’t be controlled and again, by the rules of your own belief you have to believe that as well otherwise there would be no need to go through the trouble of casting a circle to protect yourself from “negative energy” while performing a ritual or spell because obviously there would be nothing to protect yourself from, but unfortunately there is and you do. So spare us the belief that Wicca is all roses and lollipops and life and good and never harming and nature and blah, blah, blah when you know as well as everyone else that it can be desication and death and evil and vile and everything opposite the good depending on what’s in the heart of the person practicing your faith. Good Wiccan or Bad Wiccan, still a Wiccan as you cannot have the good without the bad. This is your own belief, not my words but yours. Please don’t take this as a negative comment that practicing Wicca is a bad thing, im not saying that at all. It is however an attempt to get you to look at your own faith realistically and see it from all angles and perspectives and not just from your own but from everyone who practices or doesn’t practice your faith.

John says:

August 3, 2010, 12:28 am

Anyone up for ghost hunting or touring some haunted areas around Kalamazoo? Add me on facebook John ‘Canto’ Conolly.

Preferably younger people, I don’t feel like wandering around a place with someone as old as my dad…

ddlee says:

August 16, 2010, 11:52 am

L Johnson says:
you stated the henderson castle was torn down.. Um it was never torn down and still remains. The previous owner recently sold it for a cool $2 mill and retired to a tropical island. He had lived there for 9yrs w/ no odd activity ever.

Peggie says:

August 29, 2010, 11:32 pm

@ David Very well said! From a Wiccan of +30 years! David made a very valid argument regarding “good vs. Evil!” We have all heard the terms Good Witch, Bad Witch, White Witch & Black Witch. They all hold a preconceived notion. Each of us has to choose which path we want to take. We all know at least one person that thinks they are Wiccan but when you are near them you “just know” that they are not. My Great Great Grandmother used too say that they had a black spirit. I believe the same can be said for a house. You must protect yourself from them both equally!! And yes I do speak from experience!

SpiritGuide9979 says:

October 10, 2010, 1:17 am

Today is Oct 10, 2010.
I was up at the “Hurst Mansion” last night and I can tell you that, although it is a pretty creepy location, and yes the garbage can was out by the side of the road, unfortunately the home in NOT abandoned. Someone does live there. And just as a warning from the owner, whom I spoke with over the phone today, the police do patrol up there and there are cameras and a security system in place for those brave souls who wish to trespass without permission.
So in conclusion, the “Hurst Mansion” on Douglas Ave. IS A HOAX OR A RUMOR, so don’t waste your time.

– SpiritGuide9979 –

killer says:

October 10, 2010, 7:47 am

Yes the Hurst Mansion is a hoax or a rumor and is a waste of time.

JennJenn says:

October 14, 2010, 10:50 pm

Jasper on the Fairview location: Very interesting. That’s a really nice street, both sides of Westnedge. I’d love to look into that house’s history.
Spirit Guide, I found that out too, but I didn’t actually make a call. I figured if there is a trash can outside, then someone must be paying the bill. Too many people don’t research, or leap to conclusions, love sensationalism. And Unfortunately some “paranormal” groups in the area do just that.

David says:

March 21, 2011, 10:36 pm

@ Peggy…thank you for validating my comment. I’m not wiccan nor have i ever practiced the wiccan faith although i have been drawn to it my whole life. I can remember being a very young child and going to the library with my parents and always ending up in the book section containing books on witchcraft and pagan beliefs and still feel a very strong pull to go to that section of the library or bookstore when i am in either. I think alot of people who claim to practice wicca are just people who think its cool to say im wiccan and really have no idea what it means. Wicca is not just a religion it is a way of life. You are bound to your faith as it is bound to you. It influences your everyday life, everyday decision making, your interactions with others, in short, wicca is not just something you practice, its who and what you are. It can nomore sever its tie from you than you can sever your tie from it. Its part of the fiber of your being. A true witch is born not made and as you said you just know. I believe one of the reasons i never allowed myself to explore the pull or fascination I’ve had with witchcraft from a very young age was that i never could reconcile my christian upbringing with what i have been taught is evil or of the devil but having said that and now that i am older and can make my own decisions of what is good and evil in my heart of hearts i inately know that wicca is not an evil practice no more than any other religion. As i stated in my earlier comment, it is what you make of it, what you bring into it, where you take it. It can be used for purposes of good and also of bad just like in any other religion, its what is in the heart of the person practicing it. I mean take the catholic religion, not the catholic religion of today but of the past. They used god and the devil as a means to gain a position of notariety and power and as a means to gain worldly wealth. They were evil men using something good and just for their own evil gain and purpose. Just another way religion can be distorted and a good example of men using religion to preach hell fire and damnation to scare others into doing what they want. Now i’m sure i will get some backlash over using this example but if anyone commenting on it will just do a little research into the background of the catholic religion they will find this example to be very true. I mean its not a big secret and there have been numerous documentaries done about earlier practices of the catholic church. Not catholicism of today mind you, i am not catholic and cannot speak to their beliefs and practices of today, i am talking of its beginnings long ago. Sorry that was my attempt at a disclaimer lol. Anyway my point is people can use any belief for their own evil purposes to get what they want hence its whats in the heart of the person practicing whatever faith. In other words the religion itself isn’t bad its the person practicing it that is good or bad. Well anyway enough about all that lol. Just want to say thanks peggy. Hope your having a great new year.

Sincerely, David

Jack says:

March 27, 2011, 1:44 am

T.B. Sanitarium will be torn down soon. Better get your fill whilst you can. Someone’s made some kind of makeshift ladder up the back to get up to the second story, (bricked off as well as the first,) and a rope or belt of some sort firmly tied to a pipe or something to climb to the third story. It’s rather legitimate.
Entry into the grounds can be made by way of crawling under the gate in the front, if you’re rather skinny, by someone pulling up the fencing nearby for you, or walking around to the back side, in which two or three sections of the fence are simply missing, lining the woods.
I’m looking for new haunted locations by way of personal experiences and secondhand stories for my team and I to investigate, as opposed to the sites like and such that are just as hearsay.
If you’d like to help out, maybe even come out with us, offer some documentary, etc, email me at
Thanks everyone.

Carmen Villa del Solar MEX DF says:

June 15, 2011, 2:14 pm

Guillermo Capellan esoteric man fron Argentina said: “SARA CARBONERO – PARIS HILTON JOIN KARMA BY THE DEATH OF “THE WIZARD PEPE”

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“They do not know the principles of occultism, one Spanish, by famous an unscrupulous and the other American, by the despicable custom to the detriment of Cristiano Ronaldo, girls expecting results, esotericism is a very sensitive issue,” warned Zodiac

Don Zodiac Guille. Madrid, Spain

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“We only have the misfortune to meet an outstanding debt to his promoter: Sara Carbonero and contracting Paris Hilton” sentenced Guillermo Capellan.

Spain: Real Madrid Fans thank Guillermo Capellan

(Carmen del Solar Mexdf.Independient.Press)

SARA CARBONERO much of the interview was published about the famous model and Spanish television journalist on Sara Carbonero´s Wizard. For our part, we initiated an investigation into Pepe, the voodooists, which made boastful galas of their evil powers.

Thus, we find out Don Zodiac Guille, Guillermo Capellan, known worldwide for The Esoteric Councilman Curses from Salta – Argentina. On these sensitive issues of global esotericism, Guillermo Capellán had an extensive conversation with a Spanish journalist, Alejandro Sanchez del Olmo, through his program on the occultisnm in Andalusia, La Otra Mirada. Sanchez del Olmo is the only privilege pressman who had in Live Capellan and at that time had already predicted the end of Pepe, Paris Hilton´s wizard.

The difference between Capellán and Pepe de Malaga, intellect is always the one with the head of another. Pepe, limited in hiss esoteric instruction could never answer the statements by Argentine researcher. Neither knew that Capellan had prowled the “coven” that Pepe had in Malaga and then to meet his space warned “He is little thread on the reel”.

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Mexdf.Independient.Press @

Beth says:

October 31, 2011, 12:39 am

The house in the field acrossed from The Center Apts on Croyden is actually owned by Western, they have been back and forth about selling it but it is historical as you said so they just keep holding on. I wanted to purchase the property at one time but they couldn’t make up their minds.

Beth says:

October 31, 2011, 1:06 am

I’ve been reading these now for a couple hours but somewhere it was asked about a house on Hayes Park. I was born and raised there. Yes there were , it’s been many years but it was in the last block of hayes Park between Cameron and Fulford. As far as which house? That was more then 30 yrs ago. I’d sure like the updated version though! Email me at

Beth says:

October 31, 2011, 1:44 am

Keri> You say you’ve lived at 1227 Hayes Park 28 yrs? Well I was born in 1959 and raised till age 18 on the the next block down. I’ve got 30 trs on you In fact my bestfriend lived in that house. It wasn’t haunted then and most likely isn’t now, well not unless someone has died in it since I moved. I think you have some very old wiring or a very vivid imagination.

Victoria says:

November 10, 2011, 2:09 pm

Where is this place exactly? (;

gbminard says:

July 13, 2012, 6:42 pm

This house doesn’t exist. I lived in the neighborhood and there was no Wiccan house. Also, haunted houses are created by active minds that can’t figure out what is going on when something happens. So they create this idea that a ghost cause the things to move. When they take a look at it close up, they can explain it scientifically what actually happened. So hauntings can be explained scientifically without saying that a ghost did it.

ronnie says:

July 30, 2012, 1:50 pm

ill give you a house on hays park that is haunted. I lived there for 1 and a half years. I am a shaman and have gotten most of the entitys out but cant get them all out. For I am not that advanced there is a spirit child in that home. Hubby and i have both seen it. would play with my sons toys and scare my son in the middle of the night. yes i did have help to rid the bad ones out not sure whats left but i know for a fact that most of them reside in the basement of the house. I remember laying there one night in my upstairs bedroom i felt a hand run itself across my big toe noone was there and i saw a what looked like a small tornado next to bed then it disappeared the house is located at 908 hayes park ave kalamazoo mi but dont really think they mean harm just scary is all

Inquiring minds-Find out says:

August 15, 2012, 1:03 am

Update on the Old TB Hospital here in Kzoo. It was torn down this past year…& the site is currently being built on & will become a housing community.

Inquiring minds-Find out says:

August 15, 2012, 2:07 am

In addition, I have a bit of history on that old lot on East Main st. (Across the street from the old Dairy Queen building). The house that once stood there was in deed eerily haunted (lived there back in ’84). It was an apartment building with 2 units, a whole house at some point or another..(we lived downstairs & had access to the basement).

In the basement was an old well that had been filled in with dirt (who knows how many years prior to us moving there, why it was never cemented over as it was level to the floor-is a mystery to me), there was also a boarded up small upper area just above the upstairs apt that had a resemblance to a church bell tower (if you were coming down E. Main-shadow figures would be clearly visable in the windows as you slowed down to make that left into the drive-way).

Welp, to make a long story short…Some years had past since we moved out & the property burned down…but with all the other homes that were tore down & had been rebuilt along that street over the years-this lot was never rebuilt on…instead, it was turned into a garden & that old well was bricked up as if to have it restored. I never could muster up enough to go back to the grounds, but if you can… you might catch some really good EVP’s &/or occurances there.

Ironically, I happend to run into an old acquaintance of mine & after having swaped stories (Don’t remember how we got on the subjuect lol) …I discovered that the story he was telling me, was eerily all too familiar.. as he had ended by saying, “Yea, the house I’m talking about was at 1230 E. Main st.”-he too lived in that very same apartment building not long before it burned down.

David C. says:

August 26, 2012, 1:51 am

I’m glad to finally see some testimonials here about “haunted Kalamazoo”. It may be the weirdest town in the U.S., rivaling Gettysburg and Alexandria (VA) where I live now for hauntings. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great town and I always loved living there. I hope to get some feedback here and maybe we can explore this subject in more detail in the future. Below is my story
My family moved to Portage in 1978 and I lived in the Kalamazoo area until I moved away permanently in 1996. I served one tour in the Army starting in November 1981 and moved back to Kalamazoo in 1984 when I ETS’d. I lived in a few places in the “student ghetto”, all of which were haunted in one way or another. The 1st experience I had was at a mance my church owned (1st Presbyterian) on Bronson Blvd. It was occupied by the youth minister (Wayne) who was a really cool, great guy, and good friend to all of us. I was very involved in the youth fellowship program and that was where we met. It was an old, large and very nice house and before I ever even set foot in the place I heard about the poltergeist that haunted the it. The story was that when the house was being built in the early 20th century, the 5 year son (I think his name was Jonathan)of the owners) was playing in the foundation on a family visit to the building site and was somehow tragically, accidentally killed. Wayne, the youth minister that lived there, and others that visted or stayed there experienced typical poltergeist activities such as doors and shutters slamming and household objects moving or being knocked over. Although it was a nice house, it always had an eerie feeling. My brother, who is older and not involved in the program and who had never been to the house, went there one night to pick me up. As it turned out we had crossed signals and nobody was there. He waited for a few minutes, but left quickly because he was creeped out, feeling he was being watched the whole time. One New Years Eve we were having a “safe” youth fellowship party and I was sitting on a couch next to one of the youth leaders (MLB)across from glassed french doors that lead out to the patio area At the stroke of midnight people were giving each other the traditional “New Years” kiss and MLB and I turned and gave each other a friendly peck on the lips. As we turned away we both looked toward the french doors and for a good 5 seconds were stunned to see Jonathan standing outside the doors in the snow, dressed in a little sailor outfit looking in on the party. We sat there stunned and watched as he looked in, at us, and then just faded away. Nobody else saw him, but virtually everyone there had experienced some of his antics and weren’t surprised at all. Eventually the manse was sold and the church bought another one just off Westnedge Hill. Nice condos were built on the sight. One of my friends parents eventually bought one of the condos that had been built on the sight and experienced the same kind of activities, but were really disturbed by them and they eventually moved. The 2nd paranormal experience I had was in a large house on S. Douglas I rented with some friends (I will google earth it and post the address later) near the “castle” just before the turn onto W. Main and near the cemetary there that also has a lot of hauntings. In this house two things happened, the 2nd of which I will explain later in my testimonial in relation to another place I lived. The 1st thing was that when you were in the house alone (only) and in the upstairs back bathroom with the door closed, you could here someone walking up the uncarpeted wooden steps. It happened so frequently that we all just took it for granted. The footsteps were heavy, as if whoever was making them was tired and coming home from the end of a long day. There was nothing ever seen in relation to these footstep sounds -the bathroom door was closed of course, so nothing could have been seen. The 2nd thing, is or was, much more terrifying. When I got back from the service (1984), I moved into a place with my good friend (Dave Z) and his siter just off Westnedge in Portage. One night we were all there with a couple of friends when a good friend of mine suggested we make a spirit board (a homemade quiji board) I poo pooed it, but Dave and his sister seemed to have some success with it and contacted a spirit who’s name I don’t remember. Daves sister was asking it questions like “will we go on a neat vacation, like Disney World?” I already knew she was a stupid superficial idiot, so this just reaffirmed my thinking and made me even more suspicious of their connection to this supposed spirit. Years later I discovered that no matter if they really were contacting a spirit, inviting unknown spirits into yor life through such mediums is dangerous. I moved out shortly thereafter and the friendship between Dave and I disintegrated which I really regret. It was then that I moved into the house on S.Douglas. I began to experience what is sometimes called “sleep paralysis” or old hags syndrome in which at the moment you are falling asleep you are paralysed, can’t speak or yell out, and feel you are being pressed into the bed. The experience was terrifying and in this state I would have nightmares about things that I was frightened of, things from my past, from my childhood, although nightmares may not be the right term as I was not quite asleep and not quite awake, sorta in limbo. This went on the entire time I lived there, about a year, and I began to suffer from lack of quality sleep. I would have to wrench myself out of these terrifying incidents with all the strength I had and would wake up in a cold sweat. I eventually moved to Cooper apartments on Pearl st. These are two old apartment buildings, one a bit older and larger than the other. My friend (Mark E) lived there and I visited frequently before I moved in. Although we had been spooked by what would later be known as “shadow people” in his apartment I still wanted to move in and finally have a place of my own. All of the apartments were different and it was a typical kinda weird, but neat place to live in Kalamazoo. The sleep paralysis followed me there-meanwhile my life had become a living hell. Nothing I did worked.My car was wrecked though no faut of my own during an ice storm so I had no transpotation except for a bike, or bikes that were frequently stolen by criminals living close by in the student ghetto. I was working at the Athena book shop for George (H) during the day, and worked cleaning at night to afford the rent. The sleep paralysis and nightmares became so terrifying that I had to find some way to escape. Eventually I was either forced to, or somehow learned to, escape my body and astraly project myself out of the situation. I figured, do whatever you want with my body, just leave me out of it. Stangely, during the times when I was out of my body I had complete freedom and complete power. I could do anything I wanted, go anywhere, fly, run like a cheetah, breathe underwater, have sex with whomever I wanted, etc, etc. This went on for about 3 years. Eventually I began to feel that leaving my body and not fighting whatever it was that was tormenting me was not the right thing to do, and also felt like this freedom was not what it seemed, as if it was a seduction by the evil being that was tormenting me, or perhaps this was the devil showing me what kind of things could be mine if I were to sell my soul to him and come to the darkside. One night when the terror had become so intense I found myself standing in my room, fully awake, terrified and exhausted, but ready to fight. Across the room the devil himself appeared, a full blown red devil with horns and tail, and pitchfork, huge, muscular and more menacing than can be imagined. Suddenly to my left, slightly above and behind me stood the figure of Christ. In that same instant, with Christ’s authority I said “I am the Magnificent!”. At the same time what I can only describe as a 1 foot in diameter green laser beam shot out of my torso and destroyed the devil standing across the room. Feeling relieved, I was left standing alone in the room. I went to the bathroom and splashed my face with cold water and layed down to sleep. I slept that night like I had never slept before and woke up feeling refreshed and just fantastic, like my torment was over. I called some friends I hadn’t seen in a while and that lived a little ways over Westnedge hill in Portage and made arrangements to visit them. Since I didn’t have a car at the time I decided to walk the distance to get there, but I didn’t care because I felt so good. I walked on Westnedge out of the valley into Portage and was a few blocks from my friends house when about 100 yards in front of me appeared a dark figure. This was not an apparition, but human, or at least looking human. He was dressed in all black, black leather, black boots, black hair and a big black leather trench coat. As we approached each other he was closing the distance between us faster than he should have been considering the distance at which I had 1st seen him. As we passed each other in front of an elementary school he raised both of his arms and lunged and yelled at me, smiling devilishly as he went by. Starteled, I jumped back and watched him pass as he went along his way as if nothing had happened. He was about 30 feet past me with his back to me when I picked up a fist sized rock from in front of the elementary school. I threw it at him and was sure I should have hit him squarely in the middle of the back, but it passed right through him and had no effect. Apparently my torment was not quite over. The sleep paralysis would come upon me periodically over the subsequent years, especially when I was really tired or for other reasons vulnerable. I have found though that invoking the name, spirit and power of Christ stops the paralysis abruptly and I would recommend this to anyone who is experiencing such torrment.

Stacey S. says:

November 2, 2012, 6:59 pm

My paranormal team is looking for places to investigate in Mid-Michigan. We have done many private residences via request of the owners but we are looking for public places that do not require any kind of permission. Most of the places on Shadowlands and sites like that no longer exist or you need permission to enter the property.

Thomas says:

August 26, 2013, 1:27 am

My balls hurt reading this BS. Is my sack haunted too?

KMPI (Kalamazoo Michigan Paranormal Investigators) says:

September 17, 2013, 4:01 pm

I would like to know if anyone has any locations around Kalamazoo that are legitimately active and if so and you know how we could set up an Investigations please email us or look us up on Facebook. Thanks so much! Email

Michigan Indiana ghost hunting team says:

November 2, 2013, 10:47 am

Add us on Facebook…. If you feel like you are being haunted or having issues with strange noises or unseen phenomena contact us. We will be glad to come out and help you. We do not charge a fee for our services.
Or if you are interested in joining an awesome paranormal group, email or call us for more details at 574-344-1412. If you wish to remain anonymous you can text us. Anytime day or night .

M.I.G.H.T. says:

November 2, 2013, 10:51 am

Murris says:

November 5, 2013, 10:04 pm


I am not sure if I have the right person, but I wanted to ask you a question about a page on your website about a dress. If you are the owner or editor of this website, please let me know; otherwise… sorry to have disturbed you. Thanks.


PS: I didn’t include the URL of the page I’m talking about because if I do have the wrong person, I don’t want to you to a link you care nothing about.

Jeff says:

June 1, 2014, 12:53 pm

The old building at Mentha has been removed, as have the other old buildings, which I guess were a school and a hotel.
I don’t think that was an old depot, as it was on the other side of the ditch from where the tracks used to go through.
And as for Spring Valley Park, I think the pond you are referring to is Deke’s Pond. I can see where kids have drowned in this over the years, as it is deep and there are no fences or anything to keep curious kids from getting to close to the edge of the water. The area is a nice peaceful walk during the day and at night though.

Dayna says:

October 23, 2014, 12:26 pm

I’m thinking about renting in the Vine neighborhood a recently renovated home, i’ve read in a book called Haunted Kalamazoo that the vine area is one of the most haunted areas in Kzoo. Can anyone from that area confirm or deny that fact? I love and am very interested in the paranormal but not living with it…been there,done that wouldn’t do it again by choice…

Lilith says:

October 25, 2014, 1:52 am

The pentagram is not Wiccan. There is no evil in Wicca except the ignorance and misunderstanding from media and Hollywood films.

Nicole says:

December 8, 2015, 10:52 pm

Working on a Haunted Kalamazoo sequel. Email me your spooky tales and ghostly experiences!

Carl says:

August 10, 2017, 1:41 am

This house is real… I walked past it everyday to work. Ithas an erie feeling just walking by.

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