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Woodland Grand Theater

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Long ago in this theater, a man named George and his dog would come and see a movie in theater three every week. When George died of a heart attack, he and his dog continued to frequent the theater. It has been said that George was seen in the projection booth and that he would turn lights on and off. Others have reported hearing his dog bark loudly. Though the theater is now torn down, there have been reports of a ghost dog walking around the site.

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Unkown? says:

August 21, 2013, 2:26 pm

Hey guys,
Just wanna say, there is this book that is veery interesting and its all real! It’s called Demonologists about two ghost hunters that know everything there is to know about spirits, unhuman and human. It’s amazing! Or if any of you have seen the movie, The Conjuring, Thats all a true story. The people who saved the family are real people! That’s what Demonoligists is about. The Warrens. Read it and watch the conjuring its truly amazing

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